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Hydrangeas and Hay Rows

Clear, dry and hot, yesterday was a day to save summer.  I took down all the old dried flowers I’d hung on the wrought iron rack in the kitchen, and pitched them on the compost.  The now brown bouquet of … Continue reading

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  “You’re a manifester,” a colleague said to me one day, meaning I’m someone who moves ideas into action and reality.  She’s also manifester, which is why she seemed to recognize it in me. Yesterday, my birthday, I manifested an idea of … Continue reading

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Sue met Dennis her first night in Key West.  He was captain of a wine tasting, sunset sail tour , they got talking, she got his number, they went for a sail two nights later on his boat.  She told me … Continue reading

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Around the Corner

In a strange bed last night, which is not strange for me (I travel a lot), I knew almost immediately I would have trouble falling asleep, so I took more medication, and then overslept.  That included getting up in the middle … Continue reading

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When we got up this morning, there was fog rising from the fields around the house.  It had rained again overnight, pools of water on the porch floor and the furniture on the deck.  By the time our cappuccino was … Continue reading

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After two weeks of orbiting in vacation sphere, today was touch down, re-entering the atmosphere of obligations, email, networks, meetings, schedules, deadlines and Droid notification signals.  David and I both kept yawning as we drove home from work, doing our daily … Continue reading

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Time Out

The problem with time is how it marches on, no matter what you’re doing.  However, that’s also the blessing of time.  Vacation days pass on, but so do days weighted with grief or anxiety.  On days when I wake up … Continue reading

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