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Haiku XIII

Geese snapping arrow South sun slapping wing flashes Oaks below browner. Advertisements

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Haiku Hiatus

Haiku hiatus Who makes rules, who enforces One breath, trap door step. I’ve been out on the internet, looking at haiku blogs, and found many haikus that don’t conform to the usual 5-7-5 syllable scheme, with seasonal images and a turn … Continue reading

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Haiku XII

  Maple flames to oak Spanning green, yellow, russet Red returning brown

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Haiku XI

Acorn sprouts scarlet Leaves breaking earth in blossom A new oak to fall.

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Haiku X

  Maple luminance Breaks open grey morning light Soft chatter of rain

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Al’s Gardens

Today was the annual Deerfield Arts Tour.  Eighteen artists and craftspeople in Deerfield open their studios for the weekend, showing their painting, photography, custom furniture and woodworking, ceramics and jewelry.  Last year David and I only got to two of … Continue reading

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Haiku IX

Hunters on the road Camouflage, rifles, morning Shot with grief’s hard wind.

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