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Haiku XXVI

Frost ashes on yews Dawn struggles to make a day Thin gray light hangs on. Advertisements

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Mining the Ricotta Vein

The guests were gone and there was a lot of cake left.  The baby shower was lovely, but it was a lot — a lot of food, a lot of people, a lot of set up and clean up, a … Continue reading

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Pie Haiku

Count pies, count people We had seven for fourteen Rate your Thanksgiving.

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November Run

The weather widget on my Droid has a red exclamation point, and when I click through to the Severe Weather Alert I find a Wind Advisory.  The wind certainly feels severe as I start my run headed west, up the small … Continue reading

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Haiku XXV

Thanksgiving shopping Stuffing the fridge with turkey Netted onions rest.

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Haiku XXIV

Full moon leading home Impossible to capture Dusk driving darkness.

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Ordering diapers — SposoEasy, bumGenius, FuzziBunz — new world.

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