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Icicles forming Curtains of cold held open To winter’s hard face. Advertisements

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Another Play Day

I’ve been skiing up the ridge of Nottingham Mountain for decades, following the gradual rise of Tarleton Road to a sharp turn where the old road hairpins up a steep pitch.  At the top of the pitch, the road turns … Continue reading

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Playing Silence

This morning I heard steps across my porch.  My neighbor and friend Amy was at the door.  “We’re hoping you and David want to ski with Paul and me?”  It was like a childhood friend knocking at my door 50 years ago … Continue reading

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Snow again, again Outlining every branch Trail ever onward

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Favorite Neice’s FB Update Stolen Haiku

Screw grammatical Haiku is true to moments Form lets loose language.

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Monday Morning

It’s -12 degrees.  The dawn is washing gray over the black and white, snow and ice world.  I’m getting ready to go to work, not carrying my grandson around while I make my morning coffee, then cradling him in my … Continue reading

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Deep snow brook still falls Over rock under thin ice One stone standing clear.

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