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Pussy willow tree Thirty years a harbinger Moose tracks on dirt road Advertisements

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Time to Find Woodpeckers

Ten years ago I was at the first meeting of a new, statewide project, involving a couple dozen people from different disciplines.  The facilitator for the meeting used an icebreaker to start us off.  “Write down something that happened to … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Haiku and Today’s Too

Monday Morning Haiku Stinging morning wind Dismal colorless landscape Shut myself inside. Sunday Afternoon Haiku Late weekend outing Walking talking heading west Bare trees open sky

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Mt. Jackson

The snow has been disappearing fast around here for the past four weeks.  Four Saturdays ago I was cross-country skiing in the best snow of the season, and then there were a few inches of perfect glide snow that night … Continue reading

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Friday Night Haiku

Home, couch, fire, food Read, sleep, sleep, sleep, wake, repeat Holding time’s hot hand.

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Working Too Hard Haiku

No photo just thoughts Monkey brain crowds morning run Single snow flakes float.

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Snow shores receding Grass taking over again Woodpeckers busy.

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