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One Window

Fifteen years ago Eric and I went to Italy with our friends Alison and John.  The visual extravagance of Italy can not be overstated.  Everything was beautiful.  On one of our first days there, in Venice, John and I were … Continue reading

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Twisting Vines

David and I arrived at the unveiling for Eric’s Uncle Ben in East Haven, CT almost an hour early yesterday.  We drove down the dead end Brockett Place, past the tall iron spike fences on either side of the small … Continue reading

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“Retirement” Passages

When people ask me how retirement is going, I respond that I haven’t “retired.”  I left my job of 30 years, with every intention of continuing to work.  The difference is that my work is now going to be more … Continue reading

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“Retirement” ADHD

Should I work on the poem I brought to YoPos last week?  Finish formatting my manuscript and get the list of people to mail the promotional flyer ready?  Oh, I’ll click this link in my Twitter feed and read a … Continue reading

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Frost, Snow, River, Mountains

We just got home after hiking to the summit of North Twin Mountain today.  The trees on the horizon are black against the last light in the sky, the sun long gone below the horizon.  And it’s only 7:33.  More … Continue reading

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We Did It Again!

Jill came over for dinner last night, and after she left, David and I went to look at the just-past-full moon coming up through the trees, a peachy orange that reflected the huge ray of sunset light that was streaming … Continue reading

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Full Moon Kayak

“We found you,” a voice called out, and the dark shapes of our boats circled around each other. These kayaks had boat lights mounted on their sterns and we asked about where they got the lights, how much, who made … Continue reading

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