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The Next Great Photographic Artist

We took Emilio to a “Go See” in Manhattan today.  Adrienne signed him up with an agent who handles baby models many months ago, and he periodically gets called to go have a couple of quick photos taken for different … Continue reading

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Columbus, Ohio

I’m in Columbus, not that I have any idea what the city is like, and I won’t by the time I leave either.  Here to do a day of training for domestic violence advocates on working with child protective services … Continue reading

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Yes and No

David and I hiked to Flat Mountain Pond on Sunday, with Betsy and Cathy.  It was a lovely hike, to a long, remote pond in the White Mountains, made more delightful by the chance to spend time with our friends … Continue reading

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Jardin Botanique de Montréal

The botanical garden in Montreal is spectacular.  It’s considered one of the most important botanical gardens in the world, due to the extent of its gardens and plant collections, and is also one of the largest.  With over 181 acres, … Continue reading

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Sky Lights

Our first night in Montreal, as we walked out of the Hyatt where Jen and Jill are staying, we saw search lights beaming up into the dark sky, crisscrossing each other with rays of white that swooped and turned and … Continue reading

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David Has A Blog

Today’s news — David has a blog.  Check it out: oldmanbadback.  Be sure to read The Number 4160 in the grey menu bar.  Otherwise he has two reviews of hiking packs he’s recently tried, and much more to come on … Continue reading

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Right Now, A Year Ago

For those of you who haven’t read every word of this blog, including the page The Premise Is Grace, here’s a recap.  My original idea was to write a blog about the succession planning process, right from the middle of … Continue reading

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