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Quiet Pond

David and his brother Doug and I went for a walk this afternoon, at the end of a very busy weekend, a very busy week, busy month, busy year, yadda yadda yadda.  More about that busyness (because our lives have … Continue reading

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Truth and Crying

I did a radio interview yesterday afternoon, talking about The Truth About Death and my book launch this evening.  I was on the show “Attitude with Arnie,” hosted by Arnie Arneson, a well-known New Hampshire radio personality and former candidate … Continue reading

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New Season Budding

David and I landed back in New Hampshire yesterday afternoon, after a week away. Having been in Tennessee, we were used to fully leafed out trees and flowering azaleas and roses and peonies.  But coming home to a week’s worth … Continue reading

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Fast Forward Season

I’m sitting on a patio in a backyard of a suburban neighborhood in Knoxville.  Beyond the line of trees and low bushes that block this yard from the next I can hear a basketball bouncing and occasional voices of children. … Continue reading

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The Lab

No one is more surprised than me that my son Sam is going to be starting a Ph.D. program in organic chemistry in the fall.  “Organic chemistry?” a friend recently asked.  “Isn’t that the subject that knocks kids off their … Continue reading

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Falling In

This afternoon was my first reading from The Truth About Death.  I felt anxious and churned up a good part of yesterday, and this morning, yet I wouldn’t have said I was anxious about the reading.  In fact, a friend … Continue reading

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Almost Here

By tomorrow evening, I should be holding a copy of The Truth About Death in my hands.  Wow!  My first reading is on Sunday, at Del Rossi’s Trattoria in Dublin, NH, as part of the Writes of Spring series hosted … Continue reading

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