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I Love Weddings!

Now my children are tied for having the best wedding ever.  Adrienne and Matt were married almost four years ago in a perfect NH lakeside ceremony.  Sam and Marianna were married on Sunday in a perfect, East Tennessee farm ceremony. … Continue reading

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David and I are in Tennessee, helping Sam and Marianna with wedding prep.  Yesterday we felt on top of enough of the many many many details we’re all managing (putting on a party for almost 200 people takes a lot … Continue reading

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Ridge Driving

I pulled over into a small gravel turn off by a bridge, heading south on Rte. 340 in eastern Virginia.  David’s back needed a break after a good chunk of the day spent driving, and it was time to reconnoiter. … Continue reading

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Change of Status

I changed two things in my blog bio yesterday.  First, rather than saying The Truth About Death would be published in April 2012, it now says the book was published.  Hurrah! Also, I removed “widow” as one of the many … Continue reading

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“I am struck by how available everything is that is wonderful if you abandon the notion that you have to live on the edge of it,” David said as we sat on the porch on Friday night, watching the few … Continue reading

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Petal Salt

The early blossoming trees and bushes are ringed with color, their pink and white petals fallen like petticoats that have been dropped into the grass.  I first saw this a few weeks ago in Tennessee, where the azaleas were finishing … Continue reading

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Reactions to the Truth

“Your poems were beautiful, but I can’t buy your book,” a woman said to me after my first reading from The Truth About Death.  “Sure you can,” I said.  “Just read one poem at a time if you have to,” … Continue reading

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