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Doing the Hospital Hang

As Frankenstorm rides up the coast towards New England, I’m back in form, doing the Hospital Hang.  My life has included mostly unexpected and sometimes extended hospital stays of people I love, and I developed my skills many years ago. … Continue reading

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Darkness and Light and Sweetness

Last Sunday evening Adrienne, Matt, Melia, Emilio and I went to the Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns at Old Westbury Gardens, near where Adrienne and Matt live.  The advertised 5,000 or more hand carved Jack O’Lanterns were not disappointing. … Continue reading

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Life’s Left Turns

Navigating the unexpected left turns in life is no easy thing.  Taking a left turn is always tricky — assessing the oncoming traffic, making sure there’s space for you to cross lanes, moving swiftly but confidently in the face of … Continue reading

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The Gravitational Pull of Work and Haiku Habit II

Two months ago I recognized how much my consulting jobs have cut into my time and whatever space I was finding in my mind for writing and creative concentration.  I remembered that while I was still working at the Coalition … Continue reading

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Walking In the Woods

Walking In The Woods We have been walking in the woods since we were children, we never stopped, we can see the forest, now our son tells me to slow down, there’s no hurry anymore, you are already dead, he … Continue reading

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More Truth About Death

Having The Truth About Death published was an accomplishment that meant a lot to me, not just because it felt great to have my first full length book of poetry published, but also because I believe in the story it tells, the … Continue reading

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