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Talking About Feelings

“I sad, miss Mama,” Emilio said to me on a Friday morning, after Adrienne had been away since Tuesday.  I’ve been impressed with Adrienne and Matt’s natural parenting instincts since Emilio was first born, and they’ve enhanced those skills through … Continue reading

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My Loss Guru

After Eric died, his mother Natalie and I grew closer than ever. Our relationship was already a happy story of transformation.  When Eric and I married in 1980, I hadn’t yet converted to Judaism — in fact, that didn’t happen … Continue reading

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The Clock

Imagine a 24 hour movie, devoted to an exploration of time, how it’s measured by clocks and watches, how and why people pay attention to its movement, how it flows seamlessly, moment by moment, minute by minute, how people think … Continue reading

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Above Tree Line

“I’d like to get above tree line once a month,” David said, when I asked him if he had any New Year’s intentions.  I didn’t want to talk about resolutions — too resolute.  Being intentional about making sure we do … Continue reading

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Hospice II and III

II “How did you get here, Helen?” Natalie asks me. “I’m not Helen,” I say.  “I’m Grace.  And David is here too.” “Oh,” Natalie says, nodding, her eyes unfocused.  She’s almost completely blind from macular degeneration.  She has been for … Continue reading

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Drift Lip

A drift lip of field blown powder banks over the dip of the road, sculpted line of swept snow beauty’s winter thin edge.

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