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Above Tree Line: March

We walked into another world today — the alpine zone on the Franconia Ridge.  Waking to a cloudy day that didn’t have a promising forecast, we kept moving with our plan to meet Ellen and hike today, knowing this was … Continue reading

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Spring Skiing

Spring began at 7:02 this morning, just as it started to snow again.  Scattered flakes thickened, picked up speed and blew past the windows, accenting the black and white world outside.  The flurry only lasted a few minutes, but it … Continue reading

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March Flowers

Any blossom in March is a blessing.  The pink geranium and oxalis plants have been with me for five years now; out on the porch each summer, back inside to winter over and send out flowers as a counter to … Continue reading

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Generations of Jewelry

There was a package in the mail on Saturday, with the return address of my Aunt Muriel, and big $2 stamps plastered on the front.  Aunt Muriel is a writer, and for years we’ve exchanged news of our writing when … Continue reading

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