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What I’ve Been Up To

“What have you been up to?” John, the father of the bride at the Asheville wedding asked.  We were sitting on his deck, shaded by tall trees, the wedding and morning-after brunch over, the boxes of flowers and food unloaded, … Continue reading

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Above Tree Line: August x 2

Any month that includes two trips above tree line is a good one.  Earlier this month, David, Anne and I hiked up Mt. Garfield, making our way easily up the 10 miles of trail to a clear summit.  Earlier this … Continue reading

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Wedding in Asheville

We finally fell into bed at 2:oo a.m. Saturday in Asheville, NC for a wedding later in the day.  It had been an exhausting night of travel, and at that moment, the late planes, long car ride, and late late … Continue reading

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Monhegan Island Retreat

David and I are working hard.  He’s in a week-long plein air painting class, I’m intent on completing a first draft of my island journal, a memoir I started five years ago, meant to be written only on islands.  David’s … Continue reading

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