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Small Stone #30

Flat Meadow Brook has frozen over.  The water that was running open a week ago is now buried under layers of ice, muffled to a deep rumble.  I walked to the brook just to have a look, but what caught … Continue reading

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Small Stone #29

Sun sharpens my study, warming the room.  I’ve photographed a page from my Monhegan Island journal, digitally colored and printed the page, and cut it into small squares and rectangles of fragmented text.  This visual art project has been wearing … Continue reading

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Small Stone #28

Full disclosure — I picked up this stone yesterday, but it got out shadowed by that spectacular sunset yesterday evening.  Earlier in my walk, as I reached a clearing in the woods, I could see the last of the sun … Continue reading

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Small Stone #27

When David and I were on Monhegan Island this summer, we noticed that late in the afternoon, and throughout the evening, we could see tiny specks of jets, with plumed contrails, heading north-east across the broad sky.  Night flights to … Continue reading

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Small Stones #24, 25, 26

Where do three days go?  There were so many moments, in the three days of the Mindful Writing Challenge that I missed, when I did pay proper attention to something, and even did some writing of those small stones in … Continue reading

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Small Stone #23

Home alone, the low hum of no-one-else-around-silence layered over the quick breath of fire in the stove.  A day of solitude, largely spent with language — writing an article, revising poems, discussing poems and poetry with a friend, reading, reading, … Continue reading

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Small Stone #22

I walked through a room of music created by 70 Zebra Finches landing on a dozen electric guitars set upright, so when the finches land on the strings, which they do almost constantly, notes play.  Céleste Boursier-Mougenot created this sonic … Continue reading

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