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Six Centuries of Women-Only Space and A Magnificent Library

Imagine over six centuries of women-only space.  Then go see it at the Begijnhof in Amsterdam.  This quiet courtyard in the busy city center was first settled by Beguines, pious, single and Catholic women who wanted to do good works … Continue reading

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Put Amsterdam On Your List

If you have a travel wish list, and Amsterdam isn’t on it, I’d suggest you add it.  At the top of the list.  With its canals and bridges and beautifully preserved if decidedly tilting houses and classic European architecture, it’s … Continue reading

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Welcome to Europe

We’re heading into our second week in Europe, and the first week has been so full of sights and stories and amazing food I hardly know which adventures to recount.  Anny has been a great friend and hostess, her door always open, … Continue reading

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A Normandy Birthday

Today started with a long (only needed to do 6 but ended up doing over 7 miles) training run through the pastures of Normandy, green fields full of cows or apple trees rolling up and down small, sharp hills.  Normandy is famous … Continue reading

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Stillness and Adventure

Yesterday morning, as David and I were packing for our 5+ weeks of adventure in Europe, I noticed a praying mantis on a chair in the kitchen.  Wondering about the symbolism of such an appearance, I looked it up.  Yes, … Continue reading

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Cairn Rock

“I have something I need to talk to you about,” my neighbor said, stepping out of his truck’s cab.  He’d stopped at the end of my driveway when he saw me heading out for a run this morning.  He looked … Continue reading

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Hope and Weariness

Waking up is a gamble.  Some days I open my eyes to a surge of excitement, my mind spinning with anticipation for what I’m going to do that day.  I get up and get moving. Other days I wake to a coil … Continue reading

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