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Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Was I supposed to get Jesus a gift for Christmas?  Because it’s his birthday? As I pulled up to our mail box last night, returning home from family holiday celebrations in Massachusetts, the headlights caught something with the ubiquitous late December red and green … Continue reading

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In this season of advertised merriment with its vision of happy times supported by a hefty bout of shopping, posting the last of the four poems in my list of universal experiences that hold too much silence — sex, death, drugs, money … Continue reading

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  I take drugs. The fact that I have an anxiety disorder that is greatly helped by the right doses of medication is a cause for celebration for me, not shame.  Celebration that there are drugs that help, not that I have … Continue reading

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Birth and Death

It’s been over a week since I posted “Sex,” a poem from The Truth About Death which was one of the four that addressed “the more universal, the more silence.”  I said I’d post the other three by the end of … Continue reading

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No, this isn’t a post about sex, or not exactly.  “Sex” is the title of a poem in The Truth About Death, which I thought about today because I walked out to the rock featured in the poem, the rock where … Continue reading

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