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A steady clack comes out of the bedroom where the plastic pull knob on the cord for the blinds taps the sill, pulsing in the wind through the window opened to get air into the house. Sunshine glints off the screens … Continue reading

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Chris died on Thursday evening as the family gathered around her, including David and I, took turns reading aloud from the Tao Te Ching.  We got home Friday afternoon, just before the long-planned arrival of Carol, my friend who lost her … Continue reading

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This is the day my grandson started kindergarten This is the day the latest heat wave ended. This is the day I tried to pick enough apples off my Golden Delicious tree so the branch that’s draped all the way … Continue reading

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We Don’t Have Time To See the People We Love

Crossing the lobby of the grocery store I heard someone call, “Chris?  Chris Mattern?”  At the Mattern I turned around. There was my cousin Sally, who lives in NH but who I haven’t seen for at least ten years, though we trade holiday … Continue reading

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