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Grinding Stones

I’m Grinding in January.  I’m also going to write a “small stone” every day.  What is Grinding, what is a “small stone” and why do they work together so well? Having written about both on this blog before, maybe you … Continue reading

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A Gift

The waning moon hangs in the sharp morning sky, a pale reminder of its full self in darkness two nights ago, now surrounded by high, wind-thinned clouds and low, dark ones. The wind is cold, coming at my face where it’s … Continue reading

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Day Fourteen — Tilting Back Towards the Sun

December 21:  Black morning, lights over the kitchen table, coffee in my mug. Today the North Pole will finish its furthest tilt from the sun – 23.5 degrees. The sun hasn’t really been slipping down the horizon until it sets … Continue reading

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Day Thirteen — Blessings of Boys

  The world is full of light this morning – sharp, bright, cold finally.  I woke late, the sky already gray with dawn, sounds coming up from the kitchen. Last night watching Snapchat stories for Sam and Will I suspected they … Continue reading

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Eleven, Twelve — Double

December 18 Guitar music comes up the stairs. David is playing.  He hasn’t painted since April. I’m building a standing art desk next to my writing desk, a space to turn and make things with materials, not words, colored papers and pens and … Continue reading

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Day Ten — Why I Cry When I Cook

The boys are making lasagna for Christmas dinner, Chris’s boys. Chris has been hosting Christmas dinner for many years, and Jon wants to continue the tradition of the family gathering there and knew his boys would help with the cooking. … Continue reading

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Day Nine — Inside Out

The day is folding itself back inside. When I got home early this afternoon there was no wind and bright sun, a good combination on my porch. I had lunch at the porch table. The weather may be scary warm, … Continue reading

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