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Resistance: Making Room for Making Art

Because I’m dutiful and generally complete what I begin, I just finished a collage I started before the election. I’d wanted to weave paper, prints of paintings, and had already cut slits in Paul Klee’s Twittering Machine. Next was to cut strips … Continue reading

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My Twitter Addiction

                  My name is Grace and I’m addicted to Twitter. In the weeks leading up to the election Twitter became a constant source of both anxiety amplification and reduction. I checked my feed … Continue reading

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Defeat the White Fuckboys – Vote on Tuesday!

Thanks to Samantha Bee for so perfectly labeling the part of America that doesn’t want to lose all the privilege their whiteness gives them, that doesn’t want black and brown people to do as well as them, that doesn’t want … Continue reading

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Still #NOTokay

People across the United States are celebrating last night’s World Series victory of the Cubs and choosing a new President. How are these events related? Both offer an opportunity to push back against the culture that condones abuse of women. The … Continue reading

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