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From Stories to Resistance

  My response to the incoming Trump administration fluctuates between rage and terror. Staying in the range of rage feels more useful. Fear can lead to paralysis and actions that are protective and defensive, rather than challenging and offensive. I … Continue reading

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Kindness On Top

President Obama is a kind man. You can see it in his eyes. You can see that he loves other people, that he can love women and children without threat, to himself or them. He’s not afraid of other people’s personal power. He’s … Continue reading

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Fewer Words, More Seeing

How do you see the world? Through a liberal or conservative lens, fundamentalist or progressive, Democrat or Republican? Which bubble are you in? What frame do you use to organize your thoughts about what’s happening around you, which for me right … Continue reading

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Rape Culture in the White House

So remember when people finally started to get it about sexual assault? Women students spoke out about college administrations not only not supporting them after reporting assaults but trying to silence them. Stories of sexual assaults at top notch prep schools … Continue reading

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How Did We Get Here?

Advice for liberal coastal elites in coming to terms with Trump’s election has been abundant, mostly to get out of our bubbles and work to understand Trump voters. The articles are everywhere, in newspapers and online news sites with links all over social media. … Continue reading

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