The Premise is Grace

For several months, I’ve been writing a blog about my last year as the Executive Director of the NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.  As a long-term, almost-founder of the organization, there has been much thought given to succession planning, both externally for the organization, and internally, for me.  “What a great idea for a blog,” I thought.  The perfect premise — write about my last year at the Coalition, allowing readers to share the organizational changes, my internal journey, and the shifts everyone connected with the organization is going to have to go through.

I wrote posts before I’d announced my resignation in June, 2011 so I couldn’t make those first posts public.  But then once I had made the announcement, I still wrote posts without going live with the blog.  I had a nagging feeling that there was too much current content about other people, people who were living through a change along with me and who might not want their actions and reactions out in the blog world.  My doubts were confirmed last week at a meeting with sister coalition directors from the Northeast.  Keep it private for now, they confirmed.  Keep writing, but wait until after you’ve left to make your blog public.  Layered with a blog about what I experience after I leave will make a great record of the enormous transition for me, for the staff and member programs, and for the organization.

But I want a public blog now.  “I need a premise,” I whined to my partner three days ago, and have been searching for the right premise since.  The answer was simple.  The premise is grace, both Grace, me, my life and thoughts and daily musings, and grace, the mercy of awakening to each new day, able to comprehend some small corner of universal wonder, grace as gratitude.


2 Responses to The Premise is Grace

  1. Rebecca Rule says:

    Hi Grace:
    I found your blog!

  2. Doug says:

    I think private was the wise choice. But now that you post publicly, and poems no less, good luck and have fun.


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