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Grace is “seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form or proportion.” (American Heritage Dictionary) and “a disposition to be generous or helpful.” This Grace keeps those ideals in mind as she navigates life.

Writing cred: Grace Mattern’s poetry and short fiction have been published widely, including in The Sun, Calyx, Prairie Schooner, Poet Lore and Yankee.  She’s received fellowships from the NH State Council on the Arts and Vermont Studio Center.  She’s published two poetry books, Fever of Unknown Origin (chapbook, 2002) and The Truth About Death (2012), which won the NH Reader’s Choice award in 2014. Her writing includes columns on social justice issues, in nonprofit publications and as a member of the Board of Contributors of The Concord Monitor.

Social Justice cred: Grace Mattern was Executive Director of the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence for 30 years.  She served on the Governor’s Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence, the Access to Justice Commission, the Board of Directors of the NH Network of Child Advocacy Centers, the Board of Directors of the NH Coalition to End Homelessness and the AmeriCorps Victim Assistance Program Partnership. Her leadership roles included President of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center Advisory Board, President of the Board of Directors of the NH Center for Nonprofits, Co-Chair of the National Greenbook Policy Advisory Council and Chair-Elect of the Board of Directors of the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

Grace is a Research to Practice Specialist with Prevention Innovations Research Center at the University of New Hampshire and a Board member of the Bear-Paw Regional Greenways. Consulting work includes grant writing, editing, facilitation and program and organizational development. Her social justice writing can be found in nonprofit publications and The Concord Monitor.


21 Replies to “About Grace”

  1. Grace – Can you help me verify whether this is the Jim Borson I knew at Mitchell College (New London) and the Univ of New Haven from around 1969 to 1974? Several of his friends would like to know for sure if we’ve lost a fellow WNHU broadcaster. Please advise. Regards, Jack Daniels

  2. Hi Grace,
    Been a while since I visited your blog. Amazing how many words visit and exit your head on a daily (houlry?) basis!
    Perhaps you would e-mail me at the address I gave below?

    1. Yes, many words in and out. My twitter profile is: “I have 140 channels in my brain.” I really do. I’ll email you.

  3. Grace, I just found you via FB. Am a former Scituate HS class mate, my heart goes out to you in your loss and I will take the time to read your archives. I lived during HS in Indian Trail. Have lived in North Conway, MWV, NY, Ca, UT, and now again in Winter Park, CO. It is nice to learn about classmates and their lives, I am glad to have stumbled upon your life with love Julia

  4. There’s a rumor you have a writer/poet group in Northwood? Mary is in one in Chichester and there’s a friend/member/poet that is possibly interested in your group. Jimmy Pappas is at jpappas235@gmail.com.

    Hope all’s well with you and yours.


    1. Hi Gary – How nice to hear from you. Things are fine with me, and I hope with you and Mary and family too. I’m not sure if my Concord based poetry group (no group in Northwood, one in Concord and one in Portsmouth) is looking for more members. I’ll ask at our next meeting and be in touch with your friend if they are. I didn’t know Mary was a poet. Maybe she and I should connect. Best to all of you. — Grace

  5. By any chance are you related to Grace Mattern of Mattern Sails in Scituate? If yes I used to work with her at John Hancock financial services in the 80’s. I suspect she may be your mother. She must be in her late 80s by now.if this is correct, could you please give my best to Grace. She gave us a beautiful photograph of the shoreline in Scituate many years ago. Tell her I said hello! She is a fabulous fabulous lady. My best, Eric Zimmer

  6. Grace –
    My names Kristi Castano (daughter of Elizabeth (Mackie) Peyakovich).

    I’m so happy to have found your blog! Your feelings about our upcoming administration echo my own and I admire your dedication and work against sexual assault. My friend Sarah McMahon has a similar dedication, are you familiar with her work?

    I would like to become more politically involved and vocal- a force of resistance. I’m trying to collect as many like minded souls as I can along this journey and it’s comforting to find a relative in the mix! 😊👍

    1. Hello Kristi,
      What a wonderful thing, to meet you here. Seems like a good way to start a new year, with a newly found family member and a dedication to resistance. I do know Sarah — she came on to the National Sexual Violence Research Center Advisory Committee just as my second term ended. Tell her I said hello.

      Tell your mother I said hello also. It was so sweet to see her at Chris’s service. Chris dying was such a sad passage for our family — who, BTW, are all very left politically so you have lots of like minded relatives; check out my daughter’s blog at mamabalancingact.com — it was really nice to see your mother who I hadn’t seen for 30 or more years.

      Stay in touch. I sent your mother my email address in my holiday card, and I’m on Facebook.


  7. Dear Grace,

    I’m writing to ask permission to add your name to our list of “Recommended Poets and Writers” on our website, http://www.brilliantlightpublishing.com. We’d like to post one of your poems, along with a link to your website and books.
    (perhaps “Music” as found on The Sun Magazine’s website?)
    Brilliant Light Publishing’s intention is to promote the many talented poets and writers of New England, and to encourage book sales via independent bookstores. Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience
    and please visit our site, http://www.brilliantlightpublishing.com to see how we’re growing very quickly!

    With thanks and best wishes,


    1. Hi Scott — What a pleasant surprise this is. Yes, please do add my name to your list of recommended poets and writers. I checked out your website and it’s great. “Music” is a fine selection as a sample poem. Thanks so much for including me. — Grace

  8. Hello Grace,
    I am so glad to have found your blog. It’s beautiful. I worked for Eric at Elliot Hospital for many years and he had a huge impact on my life, inspiring me to always do better and give more to others, especially patients. Our patients always came first! I know also that today, May 7th, is the anniversary of his death. I actually dreamt about him last night and he was alive and well!! Please know that I think of him often, especially on this date, and I think of you and your children. Eric touched my life like no other boss ever has. He was a remarkable man and I want you to know that his impact on others is probably more far reaching than you realize. I hope you and your family are doing well and please accept my condolences, even all these years later. Take care and I look forward to following your blog.
    Meghan Greenhalgh

    1. Thank you so much, Meghan. What a gift to get this message today. A nephew emailed a really sweet remembrance of Eric this morning, then this! I sent it to my daughter and son and they were both really touched. It means a lot to know people still remember Eric and all he brought to his life and the world around him. This message may very well become part of a blog post.
      Thanks again. Stay safe and be well.

    1. Betty Mackie was my aunt, my mother’s sister. My mother’s name was also Grace Mattern, sister to Betty. She was a great aunt.

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