Poetry & Prose


Selected Poems: “Death”/ “Warm December”/ “Music”/ “Midnight”— The Sun

“Centerpiece” — Lunch Ticket

“Kelp: A Love Story” — One

“Widow Gardening” — Rappahannock Review

“The Tappen Zee” and “August” — Chagrin River Review

“Eclipse” and “Ever Since Crows” — Petrichor Review

“Insomnia in Amsterdam” — Redheaded Stepchild

“Our Book” — Redheaded Stepchild

“Proof” — Calyx

“Our Son” — Prairie Schooner

“Ritual” — Mom Egg Review 13

“North Waziristan” — The NewVerse.News

Rappahannock Review Interview


“In Fact, You Don’t Have to Write Right Now” — Brevity Blog

“His Shoes” — Persimmon Tree

“Granite” — Blue Lyra Review

“Writing My Way” — Trigger Warning: Poetry Saved My Life Anthology


Being Anti-Racist: A New Vision — Concord Monitor

Zero White Guilt — Concord Monitor

Black Lives Still Matter — Concord Monitor

Eight Policies to Address Racist Policing — Concord Monitor

A Perspective Nearly A Century in the Making — Concord Monitor

“A Quarantine Diary of Delight” — Concord Monitor

Fair Taxation Is Patriotic — Concord Monitor

From Online Toxicity to Listening — Concord Monitor

Sexual Assault and the Path to Healing — Concord  Monitor

Entitlement and Sexual Assault — Concord Monitor

Globally,These Are Good Times — Concord Monitor

Cutting the Roots of Sexual Abuse — Concord Monitor

Recognizing White PrivilegeConcord Monitor

Confederate Flags Don’t Belong at NH Fairs — Concord Monitor

Roxanne Gay and the Right Body — Concord Monitor

The False Narrative on Planned Parenthood — Concord Monitor

Protect Transgender Citizens From Discrimination — Concord Monitor

Sexual Assault & The White House — Concord Monitor

2 Replies to “Poetry & Prose”

  1. Hi, Fellow Poet. Just read your piece on Kavanaugh and entitlement. Excellent!!! Your point about his continuing his entitlement through his judicial decisions is right on. I live in Mason, west of Nashua on the MA border. Hope you’ll reply. Best wishes, Kathy

    1. Thank you, Kathy. I enjoy writing OpEds for the Concord Monitor — another way to use words to convey my response to the world.

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