Visual/Sculptural Poetry

Box Book
What You Carry

The BoxBook is a coptic stitch hand bound book of boxes, each of which opens to a poem. The Hole in the Head Review published photographs of the BoxBook along with three additional poems. You can read them here.



Published here in Atticus Review.


I threw away your game today

miniature plastic militaries in the same

lidded boxes — infantry, cavalry, cannon.

The tiny wood blocks you played with well

into adulthood — painted yellow,

blue, pink, green, black, red —

now scattered in the trash. I’m anxious.

Today began with cows loose in the road.

Then I voted. Fog hovers over snow

patches in the pasture. Pink is now gray.

I discard the plastic, dig out the blocks,

hold the heartwood and remember

how you handled your bright armies.

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