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Welcome, Sun!

Ritual Music summons the wise daemon, notes of young genius stirring. We light candles with wishes, untether the expectations of smoke. A chorus of voices rises above the scotch and red wine and we remember exactly what we meant when … Continue reading

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My conversation with Adrienne about daylight savings time started on Instagram. Under her photo of scrambled eggs and coffee she wrote daylight savings is weird. #theend. When I commented I want my hour back she replied every year! Time for the … Continue reading

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All I Have To Say Today

  My Own Sin I drop the apple. I turn from the voice. I hold my tongue and let my breasts ascend. I spit back at the snake. I knot my hair. I name nothing, press my lips to the … Continue reading

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Shehechiyanu Again, Which Is the Point

  The cows are back in the pasture, the pond is warm enough to swim, laundry goes out on the clothesline rather than in the dryer, I wake to birdsong and light already in the sky, the back deck is … Continue reading

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The Question

    The Question Hands raised palms out. Hands clutched around a cupboard key. Hands raised in anger, trembling. Hands holding hands. Hands raised in triumph at the end of a race. Hands stirring a pot of stew. Hands raised … Continue reading

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The Power of Ten

  What is it about the years divisible by ten?  All the milestone birthdays are in increments of ten — people especially note turning 30 or 40, 50 or 60.  Money rolls out in increments of ten.  We celebrate anniversaries … Continue reading

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If you include healing meditation in your daily meditation, which means calling to mind people who need healing of some kind and repeating phrases like, “May they be safe, may they be healthy, may they be peaceful, may they be free … Continue reading

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