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Where Is the Outrage?

Yesterday afternoon I sat on the porch and began a draft of a blog post about the writing I’ve been engaged in for the last couple of months.  “Deep In” to another revision of my memoir, I’m excited because the … Continue reading

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In Hindi, godhuli is when the cows come home, or more literally, when the cows raise dust heading home after a day of grazing: go means cow and dhuli means dust.  Villagers in India who had no other way to … Continue reading

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A Week Of Doing It

Text with images has been brewing in my creative imagination for a long time.  I want to make visual art, I’ve wanted to for years, and having worked with words for so long any visual art that incorporates words attracts me. … Continue reading

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The birches and hardwood saplings are bowed again, weighted by another load of ice that slim trees can’t hold up.  Along Canterbury Road, the route we walk most and often our way into the woods, there were trees still hanging over … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Was I supposed to get Jesus a gift for Christmas?  Because it’s his birthday? As I pulled up to our mail box last night, returning home from family holiday celebrations in Massachusetts, the headlights caught something with the ubiquitous late December red and green … Continue reading

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The Waldhaus Balance

Our trip to the Swiss Alps was inspired by my sister Jeanne and her husband John. They’ve been coming here for over 10 years to hike, most years staying at the Waldhaus Sils, a grand and historic hotel in the Engadin … Continue reading

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Stillness and Adventure

Yesterday morning, as David and I were packing for our 5+ weeks of adventure in Europe, I noticed a praying mantis on a chair in the kitchen.  Wondering about the symbolism of such an appearance, I looked it up.  Yes, … Continue reading

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