Happy Birthday, Jesus!

photo (3)

Was I supposed to get Jesus a gift for Christmas?  Because it’s his birthday?

As I pulled up to our mail box last night, returning home from family holiday celebrations in Massachusetts, the headlights caught something with the ubiquitous late December red and green wrapped around the base of the pole.  Positioning the car so I could snag whatever was coloring the ground underneath the mailbox, I pulled up a bright piece of cloth, printed with a birthday salutation to Jesus and a fancy gift box.  

Where did this small flag come from?  My house is in a very windy place, sitting on the eastern edge of acres of open pasture and hay fields, so it’s not unusual to find something in my yard that started out west of here.  But this was a find of a whole different kind.

Looks like Jesus had a good year this holiday season based on the gift depicted on the flag, though I have no idea what’s in the box.  But it’s nicely wrapped and ribboned and could pass for either a holiday or birthday gift.  It guess it needs to be both.

I don’t think it’s just that I’m Jewish that made me miss getting Jesus a gift.  Did you get him one?

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