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In It for the Moss

When I was first working on climbing the 48 peaks over 4,000 feet in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, I had many companions. Eric came on most of the hikes, sometimes Adrienne or Sam, and many different groups of friends. But … Continue reading

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Day Fourteen — Tilting Back Towards the Sun

December 21:  Black morning, lights over the kitchen table, coffee in my mug. Today the North Pole will finish its furthest tilt from the sun – 23.5 degrees. The sun hasn’t really been slipping down the horizon until it sets … Continue reading

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Day Seven — Building Bridges

Eric and I used to call short hikes up the small mountains around Northwood, more than a walk but less than a several thousand foot ascent, hikettes. Climbing to Neville Peak, an open knob on the ridge of Nottingham Mt. in … Continue reading

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France Sent Magnifique!

  English translation = France smells magnificent. As soon as I walked into Anny’s yard in Lisores three weeks ago, I noticed the fragrance.  I couldn’t place the smell.  No wonder, I don’t live in France.  Anny’s gardens and house … Continue reading

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The Waldhaus Balance

Our trip to the Swiss Alps was inspired by my sister Jeanne and her husband John. They’ve been coming here for over 10 years to hike, most years staying at the Waldhaus Sils, a grand and historic hotel in the Engadin … Continue reading

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I Walked to Italy Today

  The sun is setting behind the western wall of mountains in the Engadin Valley, making silver patches on the Silsersee lake, one of four lakes that stretch out along the Inn River as it flows through this area of … Continue reading

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On Top Of What I Looked At

For 22 years I looked at the Ossipee Mountains on the far horizon across the southwestern coves of Squam Lake.  From the Westwinds Cottages, where our family spent a week every summer, I could see the Ossipees behind the closer height … Continue reading

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