Emilio and Eric

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Adrienne and I have thought for a while that Emilio sees Eric.  I’ve heard that babies up to about age 2 often can see people from different dimensions, and since everyone in our family has experienced Eric’s presence in different ways, I’m certainly ready to believe Emilio would experience his presence too, and maybe in very direct ways he can’t articulate yet.

When Emilio was tiny, Adrienne came out of the shower one day and he was on his back in his bassinette, smiling up at something above him.  “Daddy,” Adrienne thought.  I’ve also seen him looking at what appears to be blank space, smiling and cooing as if he’s locking eyes with someone.  And yesterday morning when I came downstairs, Marianna who had gotten up with Emilio said, “He’s been talking to Eric.  He keeps looking over into that corner smiling and chattering as if someone is there.”

Maybe he was particularly attuned to Eric because he visited the grave for the first time the day before.  He looked like he knew where he was, and was comfortable being with his grandfather in whatever dimension that’s possible.

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