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Friday night I hiked up Neville Peak in Espom with the full moon lighting our trail up, even with clouds blowing past and over the moon.  When the racing clouds did open to clear sky, the moon was as bright as a spotlight shining on us in the dark woods.  At the top we could see the darkness of snow showers coming at us across the valley below, then spitting at our faces.

Yesterday afternoon I got on a plane to Moscow, and today I hiked through the Kremlin and across Red Square, again in spitting snow.  The grandeur and glory and energy of a great city swirled around me, and the sharp wind cut into my clothes, reminding me of the coming winter.  For now, I’m contemplating a hot meal, a full night’s sleep in a warm bed, and two days of hopefully interesting and productive meetings starting tomorrow.

And I’m up to 25,691 word on my NaNo!  Nothing like a long plane ride to get some writing done.

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