I’ve surrendered to the holiday season.  Finding it almost impossible to keep up any kind of regular writing schedule, a week ago I finally admitted there is just too much to do over the next few weeks to be trying to stay on track with all the writing projects both on paper and in my head — finishing the first draft of the NaNoWriMo novel, continuing edits on my memoir, An Island Journal, to be sharing with my prose writing group for feedback, or returning to some focus on poetry.

Instead I’ve been shopping for holiday gifts, making gifts, polishing the poem for my annual holiday card, visiting with family and friends in small and large gatherings, and enjoying having Sam at home, including a rousing game of Rummy 500 with Sam and Will yesterday evening.  And then David and I went dancing!

Last night a friend celebrated his 60th birthday with a big party and fundraiser for a local soup kitchen.  He formed a band to play at the party, and another good friend was also playing in the band.  When David and I arrived, shortly after the band started playing, the dance floor was empty, so David and I got out there and started to fill it up.  By the time the band got to their last song, the dance floor was full.  The band was great and obviously having a great time playing together, the crowd was lively, and the fundraising successful.  Fun times on a dark December night.

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