A River of Stones

Thanks to A Woodland Rose, a sister-haiku-writer-blogger I follow, for turning me on to this January writing and being focus.  The River of Stones, created by Writing Our Way Home, invites us to focus fully and appreciatively on one small, or large, aspect of each day, and write about it.  Write it in your notebooks, your blogs, on Facebook or Twitter.  Just appreciate and write.  The simple instructions: 1. Notice something properly every day during January; 2. Write it down.  I can do that.

My small stone for today:  The avocado in my refrigerator is dark green, skin pebbled, ripe and ready to be eaten.

David and I both went out to exercise this morning.  I ran around Jenness Pond with Anne and Betsy.  David walked one side of the Pond and back.  It’s such a glorious day — bright sun, mild air, blue sky with grand white coulds — we decided we need even more time outside.  We’re going to the coast to walk along the ocean.  I’ll be thinking of that avocado, waiting for me at home to be eaten.  Yes, the New Year is a lovely river of stones so far.

2 Replies to “A River of Stones”

  1. So glad to share writing with you. I would love for you to show me some basic stuff like linking, adding the badge etc. How do we connect without posting email addresses etc on the blog. Thanks, A.
    PS are you ready for BloHaSisMo? really laughing out loud!

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