Small Stones Meets On the Road Again

I’ve still been doing a small stone every day, but have only managed to tweet it the last two days.  We’re on the road again. Last night we drove to Long Island, David leaning back in the heated passenger seat to ease the back pain he’s been dealing with all week.  Today I stayed in NY to help Adrienne get ready for Emilio’s 1st birthday party tomorrow.  David headed to Lancaster, PA on the train, heating pad along, to be with his mother who is failing fast.  Another death vigil, like this summer with his father.  So here we are again, together, apart, on the road, and at home, all of us spinning on that big wheel.

One Reply to “Small Stones Meets On the Road Again”

  1. Hello Grace, You weave your story with words that form a small vignette. I once lived in Lancaster, PA. It seems you have something happy to look forward to (a birthday) and possible something sad (a death). Life keeps spinning.

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