The First Stage

The Coast to Coast walking book divides the journey into 13 stages. We’ve added a stage – actually getting to St. Bees where we start our trek, and contrary to plans, we’re not there yet. We’re at the Heathrow Sofitel Hotel in London, and while being here was never any part of what I imagined when thinking about this trip, I’ve been wanting to get David to a Sofitel for years, having stayed at the DC and Chicago Sofitels several times and loved them. It’s as lovely as expected.

We’re here for the most common of air travel reasons – we couldn’t get to England Friday night due to a huge cold front moving east, causing massive thunderstorms and wiping out the connecting flights that could have gotten us to an international flight. Instead of flying to Manchester Friday night, we flew to London yesterday morning This morning we’re heading into London to get a train to St. Bees. If plans work out this time, tomorrow we start the official First Stage.


One Reply to “The First Stage”

  1. Can’t wait to read your posts on the walk and see some photos! I hope you got to do something fun on your unexpected night in London, but I’d imagine you were jet-lagged. I’m looking forward to seeing this amazing adventure you’re embarking on through your eyes.

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