I Think I’m Going To Make It But I Don’t Know About My iPhone

Have you ever walked 10 miles straight into the teeth of a Northeaster?  Now I have, from Blakey Ridge to Glaisdale.  I’m sure it’s a lovely walk but all we saw was each other’s feet as we trudged through rain and mist and muddy puddles.  And somehow my iPhone got wet, even though nothing else got wet under my waterproofs.  I’m hoping it improves overnight, and we all hope our blisters and sore feet and thighs and ankles and fatigue improve after a night of sleep.  Tomorrow is the final day!  Stay tuned.

2 Replies to “I Think I’m Going To Make It But I Don’t Know About My iPhone”

  1. You did it! Congratulations to all of you! Am looking forward to more photos and longer stories. I am very impressed. Who’s idea was this, anyway? I like the idea of the views and the pubs…soon, Nancy

  2. It all makes sense, finally…I’ve seen the pictures! For the first 13 blog posts, all I could do is read about the dismal state of the weather, the mud, the sore feet, the taking the low roads, etc. and the,n alas, on the 13th try, the photos showed up! It may have been that I hadn’t enabled them on my mobile, but who cares?! We want to jump on the next plane and visit England! Welcome home!

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