Darkness and Light and Sweetness

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Last Sunday evening Adrienne, Matt, Melia, Emilio and I went to the Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns at Old Westbury Gardens, near where Adrienne and Matt live.  The advertised 5,000 or more hand carved Jack O’Lanterns were not disappointing.  Rather, they were a visual delight, glowing in long rows along the dark path, many with intricate paintings and carvings of flowers, trees, butterflies and celebrities.  Emilio was very excited to see Kermit and Frankenstein.  “Kermit, again?”

But the best part of the evening was when we were leaving.  As we walked to the car we passed a large pedestal with an eagle sculpture on top and pointed it out to Emilio.  Looking back at it Emilio said, “Bye-bye, Eagle.”  Then as we drove out of the Gardens, settled back in his car seat, Emilio said, “Bye-bye, Jack O’ Lanterns.  Bye-bye, Pumpkins.” No tantrum about leaving, no fussing and whining.  Just a sweet moment of Emilio letting life pass along on its swift track, ready for whatever was next.

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