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Clubbed by Beauty

Steve Almond had an excellent article in The New York Times recently about Elizabeth Gilbert and her new novel.  Gilbert talks about spending time with Julia Roberts before the London premiere of the movie based on her best-selling book Eat, Pray, Love. … Continue reading

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Gray Dust, Red Dust

Yesterday David and I hiked to the level of Mt Washington, the highest point in NH. Only we hiked down to 6,200 feet, starting at 8,300. The North Kaibab trail makes its way into the Grand Canyon through switch backs … Continue reading

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Mountains & Mesas, Canyons & Clouds of Dust

Yesterday’s drive across New Mexico into Northwestern Arizona was stunning.  Mesas stretched straight lines across the horizon, with steep sides of white and red and variegated rocks.  Mountains lifted spruce and sage up over the mesa tops into the clear … Continue reading

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The Next Adventure

“So you’re in the adventure phase of your life,” Joanne said to me.  I met her yesterday at a meeting I was facilitating in Phoenix, and at the lunch break she asked me about my decision to leave my job … Continue reading

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What Counts

Several months ago I read a column in Poets & Writers magazine about the bounds of realistic ambition for a writer, or more specifically, for a poet.  The writer of the column made a point I make a lot — … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur

It’s become part of my Yom Kippur tradition to read my blog posts from past years, then add the current year’s reflections. Can this really be my fourth year of posting Yom Kippur thoughts? The eighth year of celebrating the … Continue reading

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On the Subject of Gratitude

It started with a L’Shanah Tovah greeting from a friend.  “The Year of Gratitude” was the heading of her email.  It resonated.  One way to deal with the inevitable heartaches and troubles of any life, my life anyway, is to … Continue reading

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