The Metaphor of Underpants


Do you remember the first day you wore underpants?  I certainly don’t, but I spent yesterday with Emilio and it was his first day in underpants.  He was so excited.  First I helped him change into different pairs numerous times because he wanted to experience them all.  Then he showed all of us that he had underpants on by pulling down his sweat pants and displaying the colored elastic bands.  Next we looked up the Justice League, so he’d know all “the guys” pictured on that set (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Flash). As the morning went on there were lots more changes of underpants and pants and socks and shoes because it’s hard to remember, on your first day with underpants, that they don’t work like diapers.  After a while, Emilio was happy to get back into a diaper.  Enough change for one day.  But driving back from visiting a friend, he held a couple of clean underpants in his lap while he fell asleep in his car seat.

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