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Above Tree Line: December

Eleven out of twelve is a good record.  David and I realized our 2013 intention of getting above tree line at least once a month for elven out of the year’s twelve months, and it was as much fun as … Continue reading

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Day 14: The Next Season

12:11 p.m.  Winter solstice, the moment of the shift.  Earlier today, as David and I drove to yoga class, the sun was a huge ball of fuzz in a cloudy sky, a ring of blurred light much bigger than itself.  … Continue reading

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Day 13: Attention

The day started gray and stayed that way.  But it didn’t matter to me.  I was inside, in a beautiful building, working with a group of very smart women and one man, making plans to make a difference.  The discussion … Continue reading

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Day 12: Gratitude

The sun is setting behind the silo, right where the distant slope of Fort Mountain comes down to the line of tall spruce trees that march up the horizon, making another peak.  What’s left of Johnson’s Diary Farm is outlined … Continue reading

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Day 11: Play

The outside world is tinted indigo, the color of thick clouds reflected from the snow that fell last night.  There are deer tracks thrashed through the piles of plowed snow that rim the driveway, flattening the fresh inches in the … Continue reading

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Day 10: Slow Down

The sun kept burning a blur through the clouds for a couple of hours after the snow started.  At one point the day even brightened, the sun sharpened in the gray sky, and the snow picked up.  A paradox.  By … Continue reading

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Day 9: Back to the Body

Slice open the globe of night and inside is 1:00 a.m., sitting in the halo of the kitchen table lights, the line of glass shades reflected in the mirrors of window around me.  I saw a big moon out the … Continue reading

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