“That meeting was so ridiculous,” Jill said, coming in late and heading straight for the bathroom. “We spent so much time talking about whether we were on the motion or the amendment to the vote on the motion and other stupid minutiae of the process instead of the issues themselves. We couldn’t get anything done. It’s those Rigley’s or Riley’s Rules or whatever.” She was standing in the bathroom doorway.

“It’s Robert’s Rules of Order,” Jen and I said, at the same time, laughing, which we do a lot of when the three of us are together.

Jill shut the door and called out to us as she peed. “I’m upset that you both knew the right name of those Rules and I didn’t.”

“It’s just all the boards we’ve been on,” Jen said, still laughing.

Jill came out of the bathroom and stood next to the couch. “Okay, I’m going to write a book.  Robert Sucks, Rockey Rules: How to Get Shit Done.”

If you know my girlfriends, you’ll get the joke and you know we get shit done.

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