Palindrome Haiku

Syllables forming
Words telling tales telling words
Forming syllables.

I love palindromes. Maybe it’s connected to my fascination with time and movement, how we go from one place to the next, one moment to the next, and can never really go back. Even if we do return to a physical location over and over, it’s never the same because the moment of our return is different from any preceding moment. But with palindromes, you can go both ways. There’s a built in circle, even in a line.

I love palindrome numbers too, like when a digital clock reads 11:11 or 10:10. I was delighted the entire year I was 55 because of the doubling of the digit, the tiny palindrome. One day at work during a staff meeting we were talking about how cool it would be to have a baby on November 11, 2011 — 11/11/11. We even calculated when you would have to get pregnant to try to have a baby on that date.

So, I hope you enjoy my attempt at a palindrome haiku. It’s late, it’s been a long day, a long week (it’s only Tuesday!), a long month, you get the idea. When I have more brain power I’m going to try a more fully realized palindrome haiku. It would be a tiny exercise for trying a crown sonnet some day (15 sonnets, exploring a theme, with each of the first 14 sonnets linked by having the final line of each be the first line of the next sonnet, and the 15th and final sonnet being made up of the first lines of the preceding 14 sonnets in order).

Here are some word phrase palindromes, I found at Wikipedia. “Fall leaves after leaves fall”, “You can cage a swallow, can’t you, but you can’t swallow a cage, can you?”, “First Ladies rule the State and state the rule: ladies first” and “Girl, bathing on Bikini, eyeing boy, sees boy eyeing bikini on bathing girl”. The crown sonnet of palindromes may be a character by character and word by word palindrome – “Level, madam, level!”

What about a palindrome crown sonnet?

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