4 Replies to “Haiku LI”

      1. Hi Grace – I have been writing one haiku a day during February
        because it is NaHaiWriMo – National Haiku Writers Month (you may know the abbreviations already, but I didn’t until I asked someone).
        They are on my blog: http://www.woodlandrose.blogspot.com. There are other haiku and haibun. Haibun is a prose + haiku piece. I’ve read a few of yours. I also have a blogspot on wordpress:
        awoodlandrose.wordpress.com. My sister-in-law and Marsie are writing here so I joined. I am a fledgling writer but have been writing haiku since 2004. If you are interested in some serious haiku websites – just let me know and I will send you some websites. A good one to start is The Herons Nest (www.theheronsnest.com – I think). Marsie and Robin introduduced me to your book of poems almost two years ago. I really admired them. I am not a fan of all poetry but yours spoke to me. Hope that explains a little about me. I really like haiku for the brevity and (sometimes) the beauty. A word of warning – my haiku are not written 5-7-5 and are a little funky/edgy. Thanks for asking.

      2. Thank you for your blog links — two more to add to my Google Reader. David, my partner, flies through books. “You manage to read a lot more than me,” I said to him today. “Well, you write a lot more than me,” he said. “And you read blogs.” True, true. I like my reading to be right out of the writer’s mind, fresh on the page or screen or wherever. In my possessed-by-a-poetry-demon phase several years ago, writing a book chronicling the year after Eric died, I could only read poetry books (and I speed read those) or manuscripts. I literally could not read published books. Not squiggly and alive enough still. While I still manage a book here and there and often get lost in a few New Yorker articles, I still prefer my reading newly released. Love NaHaiWriMo.

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