NaHaiWriMo – National Haiku Writers Month — the shortest month of the year, for the shortest form of poetry. I learned this from A Woodland Rose, who is writing a haiku every day in February.  A Woodland Rose and I connected through my Twin Sistah (no, I don’t have a twin, this is a friend and colleague who shares the same birthday as me and who has such an enthusiastic embrace of life and the path of feminist justice that she calls her colleagues in the movement to end violence against women, the movement for greater peace and centered awareness in the world, “sistahs!”, thus we are Twin Sistahs) who directed A Woodland Rose to my blog.  So we’re BloHaiSis’s, or Blogging Haiku Sistahs.  Today’s NaHaiWriMo entry:

Early grey softens
Ice cushioning running feet
Spinning globe turns south.

One Reply to “NaHaiWriMo”

  1. Grace – love the BloHaiSis’s!!! Ms Marsie would be proud. What a great bumper sticker it would make! Thanks for the connection to my blog . I’m still trying to learn my way around the blogsphere and still have time to eat and sleep. I enjoy your writing. Despite my love\hate relationship with the computer it is great for writers and artists and inspiration. Enjoy.

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