Barrell Mill Pond Dam

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In the 1700’s, in York, Maine, a dam was built where a tidal creek flows into the York River.  This created Barrell Mill Pond, which was managed to run a saw and flour mill. New England is full of these old mills, often just crumbling walls in the woods where a brook falls down a few feet.  Barrell Mill Pond Dam is still a strong rock wall, 50 feet out across the opening of the creek to a 10 foot water spill under a small suspension bridge.  The bridge leads to an island which is now a preserve.  I walked there yesterday morning.

I watched the force of the tide running in under the bridge, through the spillway.  When you narrow the space for energy to flow, it gets concentrated and stronger.  As it is now in my life.  I have about 70 days left in my job, and I can feel energy accelerating around me. The water is lifting up into ridged ripples and small waves, I’m in the middle of the spillway and being carried along.  But I can swim, and I can keep my head above water, and once I’m in the pond, the water will quiet and I can float again.

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