Haiku C

I wrote over a week ago that I was only going to take the daily (though they have been far less frequent than that lately) haikus to 100.  Have I gone five days without a post because I don’t want to stop the haikus?  Maybe I won’t.

When I started the haiku-a-day, it was a way to organize my writing ideas so that something came every day, even if only those 17 syllables.  And there were many days the syllabic beats would come to me out running in the morning, touched off by something I’d see, and stay with me through the work day, sorting themselves into the freshest and best language I could muster through the hectic pace my life has been for as long as I can remember.  So it worked, the idea, the discipline, the practice.

That won’t end.  In fact, I’m expecting my writing practice to get more focused than ever after June 15.  For now, here’s Haiku C.

Suddenly summer
Perfect point in the cycle
To pretend to end.

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