Dock Talk

I’m back in New Hampshire, back from the family visit at the Jersey shore, back to regular internet access.  A sweet tradition with David’s family is gathering on the deck overlooking the bay after dinner to watch the sunset.  Every sunset was wonderful, even if not glorious.

One night while we were there the almost constant wind died and the water reflected every color and nuance of the sky.  We talked about the unusual array of colors and shades and then David’s father said, “When the water is this still, it makes me suspicious.  That’s what I don’t like about lakes.  They just sit there and look at you.”

Ninety-two year old wisdom to ponder.

3 Replies to “Dock Talk”

  1. Grace, I love this and I too have watched many a sunset sitting on a deck or dock at the Jersey shore. A great word for the still lake or bay looking back is reflection. The water reflects a lot of our essence. I need it to heal sometimes.
    Great piece.

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