Sunday Night Transformed

This is new.  Instead of the usual pre-week crank-up of Sunday evening, I’m relaxed.  I was relaxed last Sunday evening too, sitting on the darkened porch of my friends’ house on Squam Lake.  This evening I’m in the air-conditioned living room of Matt and Adrienne on Long Island.  I just finished making ratatouille with vegetables from my garden — the entire dish, other than the olive oil, from my own labor.  The cucumber salad is from my cucumbers and Adrienne’s.  Adrienne is nursing Emilio down for the night, the jasmine rice in coconut milk is cooking, and in a few minutes I’ll start the grill for the marinating salmon.

Earlier today we all did the Damon Runyan 5K in Yankee Stadium, a great event for a great cause.  The Damon Runyan Cancer Research Foundation raises money from the race, and the entire 5K takes place in Yankee Stadium, including running around the warning track twice (providing shots of yourself on the Jumbotron), up and down ramps and stairs and around concourses.  It’s incredibly fun.  Anne joined us and even Emilio was there, sleeping on Matt’s back as he walked with David.

And tomorrow we’re not heading back to work or to NH.  We’re spending the day with Emilio.  I am exactly where I want to be.

One Reply to “Sunday Night Transformed”

  1. Grace
    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that life unfolds for you in deep ways that feel ‘just right.’
    much love to you, my friend.

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