What I Did Today

I cleaned up my old “ericgrace”email account.  I’ve hung on to the account Eric and I created more than a decade ago because of my attachment to the ericgrace tag, and when I switched to gmail, wanted that for my address, but of course it wasn’t available.  So today when I needed to open the account to get a friend’s address to email her about my manuscript, I finally admitted to myself that I don’t have an “ericgrace” life anymore, and that old account is so spammed out it’s mostly just annoying.  So, I made sure I had all the addresses I wanted from the old account, forwarded emails I’ve saved to my gmail account that tell stories I may want to get back to telling and the emails will be good reminders, if not good sources of some already-written work, scanned the 1,000 + emails that have come into that account since I last opened it (in early July) to find online accounts I needed to switch to my gmail account, and then did that.  This was not a glamorous creative-life task, though it was working on getting my manuscript ready for the publisher that led me to it.  This was cleaning up life details that have been ignored for too long.  But now that big box in my head that said “clean up and close your old email account” has a check next to it.  Good-bye “ericgrace.”  I still love you.

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