“Retirement” ADHD

Should I work on the poem I brought to YoPos last week?  Finish formatting my manuscript and get the list of people to mail the promotional flyer ready?  Oh, I’ll click this link in my Twitter feed and read a review of the de Kooning retrospective at MOMA. And here’s a new blog post in my Google Reader from that poet whose blog I found out wandering on the internet two nights ago, clicking on links in links in links until I had about 25 tabs open.  Wait, my computer is blipping at me.  Adrienne answered my g-chat about plans for next week.  I’ll g-chat with her while I get caught up on email.  I need to confirm three meetings and email the other panelists for the conference in November. And I need to start working on my presentations for the training in October.  Should I email Becky and Marie the awesome “blurb” I just got from Rosanna Warren for my book?  Did I ever get that check from Carol for the hotel room in DC?  And I need to sign the travel voucher for reimbursement for that Office on Violence Against Women meeting in August and FedEx it back.  Where’s the closest FedEx office?  Ah, the sun is fully out now, maybe I’ll go mow the law.  But wait, wasn’t I going to write this morning?  But first I’ll check FB and see if Adrienne has any new photos of Emilio posted.

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