The Next Great Photographic Artist

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We took Emilio to a “Go See” in Manhattan today.  Adrienne signed him up with an agent who handles baby models many months ago, and he periodically gets called to go have a couple of quick photos taken for different customers — Huggies Prints in this case — so the client can see if they’re interested in using Emilio for an ad.

On the way into Manhattan I sat in the back seat with Emilio (of course) and chattered with him and let him play with my iPhone.  When I got it back from him, I saw that he’d shot a number of photographs and his first bit of film.  He’s clearly exploring the interplay of light and dark, and how textures break up our visual comfort, encouraging our minds to move between the left hemisphere and the right.  His mastery of flow, sound, shadow and motion is amazing. Yes, he’s a genius.  His photographs are here for you to see, and you can follow this link to see his film.  It’s called “Crossing Into the Light, Letting Go of the Refrigerator and Standing On My Own.” 

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